Take Into Account These Factors When Choosing A  Hair Straightener

best straightener for damaged hair

It is a known fact that using hair straighteners frequently can cause hair damage. Yet not all straighteners are bad for your hair. You can find the best straightener for damaged hair. This way, you get to style using this tool and have the least amount of harm done to your hair. When choosing a hair straightener for damaged hair, here are some of the most important factors to consider.

Look Into the Plates

The hair straightener is designed to have heating plates. This can be made of different materials. You have to choose one that can both provide the right temperature yet not as damaging at the same time. The most recommended are ceramic plates, titanium plates, and tourmaline plates.

  • Ceramic Plates. They are great even for everyday hair straightening.
  • Titanium Plates. Another great option as they heat up pretty quickly and work well on thick hard-to-manage hair.
  • Tourmaline Plates. This plating material makes negative ions that help tame frizz and static hair.

best straightener for damaged hair

Consider Plate Size and Width

The size and width of the plates will help determine how much of your hair can be straightened in one pass. The most common are thin plates, about 1 inch, and are the best for short hair. A wider plate, about 1.5 to 2 inches, is recommended for long, thick, or curly hair.

Different Temperature Settings

When looking at hair straighteners online, make sure that you pick one with different heat settings. This way, it would be easier to set it to a temperature that fits best your hair texture and length.

  • Normal to Fine Hair. The recommended heat settings are between 250 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thick/Coarse Hair. The ideal temperature for this type of hair is between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

best straightener for damaged hair

Prioritize Safety Features

Safe usage of a hair straightener should be your top priority at all times. To avoid accidents and unnecessary energy use, look into safety features. It must have an automatic shut-off feature. Make sure that you take on additional safety features it must come with before you decide to buy.

Read Brand Reviews

When looking at hair straighteners online, never disregard the brand’s reputation and reliability. Remember that this is an electrical appliance. So read online reviews and check out product ratings. This can help you decide whether  to buy the hair appliance or not.

Buying a safe hair straightener to use is important, especially if you have damaged hair. That is why it is crucial that when looking into your options online, you take these factors into consideration. You should be able to find one that works well with your hair.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Dry Boots Using Shoe Dryers

shoes drying

Do you know what happens when your boots are exposed to water? They become damp, and slowly but surely, they become a swamp. Certain areas of your shoes might become infested with mold and mildew. So as to avoid certain infections that might come with putting on dumpy or wet shoes, it’s important to dry your boots as soon as possible once you get them wet to prevent this from happening.

shoes drying

Sure, here is a step-by-step guide on how to dry boots using electrical shoe dryers:

  • First, ensure the electrical shoe dryer is clean and free of dirt or debris. If debris or dirt is on the dryer, use a soft cloth or brush to clean it off.
  • Next, remove any loose dirt or debris from the boots. You can do this by tapping the shoes together or using a soft brush to remove dirt or debris.
  • Place the paper towels in your boots in sections corresponding with each shoe, so they’ll have a little “table” of their own.
  • Place the boots onto the electrical shoe dryer, ensuring that the dryer is in the correct position for your type of boots. Different types of boots may require additional parts of the dryer.
  • Please turn on the electrical shoe dryer and set it to the appropriate temperature and time. The temperature and time settings may vary depending on the type of boot and the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Wait for the electrical shoe dryer to complete the drying cycle. Depending on the type of boot and the temperature and time settings, this may take a few minutes to several hours.
  • Once the drying cycle is complete, turn off the electrical shoe dryer and remove the boots. Check the boots to ensure they are scorched before wearing them again.
  • If you placed paper towels, unplug them once they’re dry, stack your boots back up (or turn them around), fold/roll up the drying towels so no wrinkles remain, and put them away in a closet until next time (you can use paper towels to keep them from sticking together).
  • If the boots are not completely dry, you can repeat the drying cycle or use a different method, such as leaving them in a well-ventilated area or using a hairdryer.
  • It is recommendable to use both the methods if you want it to be superdry, after using the shoe dry, put your shoes out in an open place.

shoes drying

If you’re out in the snow or slush and your shoes are wet, it’s time to dry them off. One of the best ways to do that at home is using electrical shoes dryers. If you don’t have one, here’s a step-by-step instruction on making a DIY shoe drier from what most people already have lying around the house: Overall, using an electrical shoe dryer is a convenient and efficient way to dry your boots. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take the necessary precautions to ensure your shoes are completely dry before wearing them again.