Process to harvest mushrooms for making chocolates

Mushrooms are a kind of fungi which are edible and highly tasty. The mushrooms are highly nutritious and have so many vitamins and minerals because of its nutritional value. People usually take mushrooms in their diet. But there are some mushrooms that affects the brain. This type of mushrooms are known as magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms. People consume these mushrooms in various forms such as tea, coffee, chocolate and so on. These kind of mushrooms are not very good in taste. This is the reason these mushrooms extracts are taken and used in different forms for making it palatable. These different forms will mask the taste of the mushroom and also give them effect of taking the mushroom directly. These different forms will mask the taste of the mushroom and also give them effect of taking the mushroom directly. Taking the magic mushrooms in the form of chocolates is highly popular nowadays. The steps of harvesting of magic mushrooms includes harvesting and drying, grinding, extracting Psilocybin and then infusing into the chocolates. The harvesting of the mushrooms include plucking of mushrooms from the farm. Then these harvest mushrooms are cleaned properly. The clean mushrooms are then dried so that the nutrition and the substances present in the mushrooms doesn’t go away.

magic mushrooms

It is important to preserve the Psilocybin content even after drying. Then the harvested mushrooms Will be going for grinding. The dried mushrooms are you grind it into fine pieces and then into powder. This grinding process raises the surface area which make the further process of extraction of psilocybin substances easily. Then the product goes for the extraction of the psilocybin substances. The methods used for the extraction of the psilocybin includes usage of solvents like alcohol. Then the extract of psilocybin formed are infused into the chocolates. It can be infused into different flavours of chocolates or gummies. This makes the process of taking these mushrooms more tastier. Then the chocolate mixture is poured into different shapes of the moulds. The moulds can be of different shapes which in turn makes the chocolates more attractive to try or buy. Then the moulds into which chocolate is poured gets solidified and then is ready to sell. As the effect of these mushrooms varies from person to person, It is important to keep a check on it.


This entire process of making chocolate bars with the psilocybin extracts from mushrooms make it easy to eat.