Top 5 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Fashion sense reveals a lot about your personality and if you have a decent fashion sense, then it’s more than enough to leave a good impression wherever you visit. We often focus on what we should wear and how we should look, but do you know what mistakes we should avoid?

Below are the Top 5 fashion mistakes to avoid so that you can get some idea of what ‘not’ to include in your fashion sense.

1- Wearing the wrong colors

 Wearing too much bold color or too light is not a good choice until it suits you, especially if you are about to try something new. If there is a little confusion then you can choose to pick neutral colors so that they can be matched more easily, but try to avoid bold and faded colors especially if you are not sure about picking the best one for yourself.

2- Following trends blindly

Trends change fastly, so you don’t need to fill your wardrobe with every new trend irrespective of the clothing which suits you in a real sense. If you want to be trendy, choose Quality over Quantity and you should always buy classic clothes from high-quality stores. Picking up cheap-quality clothes will bring down your fashion sense and following trends which are opposite of your type is a big NO.

3- Being All Black person

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Black is a nice choice until you wear it much more than needed. If you are wearing a black top, wear it with a blue or a nude colored bottom and not with a Black one, otherwise, it will give you a spoiled look. One thing is to remember, ‘Black looks classy’, but ‘less is more’.

4- Wearing unfitted clothes

Maintain your closet with perfectly fitting clothes. Wearing too baggy or too tight will have a negative influence on your body. Firstly pick the right fit for your body while choosing the clothing of your type. Somewhere fitted clothes help in boosting confidence in your body as well so always say yes to clothes matching your fitting.

5- Wearing too many accessories

Too many accessories don’t go well with every outfit you wear, they should always be limited especially with western clothing, accessories can either signify or ruin your beauty, so you have to keep in mind how many rings, or what kind of necklace or bracelet you should wear. With every single dress, make sure you don’t wear too much, and sometimes there is no need of carrying any fashion ornaments at all.