Why You Should Give Your Blueberries a Companion

Blueberries are very delicious and when you want to plant them, you may find that planting them alone can cause them not to be very effective and will cause your berries to die out faster or even yield fruits that are not that good in taste. This is where your blueberry companion plants come in because, like humans, blueberries need companions to grow properly, which will give them a very nice place to grow if you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should do this:

They Will Improve Pollination

One of the biggest reasons for providing blueberries with companion plants is to make sure that proper pollination is happening because while blueberries pollinate themselves, having companion plants nearby helps attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other useful insects that will promote cross-pollination, resulting in enhanced fruit set and bigger, more plentiful berries.

blueberry companion plants

Enriches the Soil

When you have these companion plants, it is very likely that you will improve your soil health which will give you a nutrient-rich environment conducive to blueberry development– certain plants, such as legumes like clover, have nitrogen-fixing characteristics, which feed the soil with this vital ingredient and other plants, such as marigolds, aside from looking pretty, will be very good in suppressing the weeds from growing (you never want weeds in your garden) and even help you deter those pests that can eat away at your hard-earned plants!

Natural Pest Control

As we mentioned before, giving your blueberries these companion plants will help you get rid of pests, and as a gardener, it is very important that you get rid of them very early on the plant’s growth so their presence cannot affect your yield and fruit quality. We recommend you to plant aromatic herbs like rosemary and basil because these plants are known for their ability to repel pests (their scent is something that pests dont like, so they tend to stay away). This also is very cost-effective because then you have these natural insecticides, so you can save out on any extra costs from buying pesticides and give your garden better health because it is free from chemicals that they give.

Natural Pest Control

Aesthetic and Beauty

Companion planting not only serves functional functions but it also enhances the visual attractiveness of your garden throughout the seasons because you can create a lively and visually attractive environment by combining companion plants with different bloom periods, leaf colors, and textures– now, you have to consider the beauty of fragile wildflowers dancing among the blueberry bushes in the spring, followed by the flaming colors of autumn leaves in the fall. This visual addition adds a new level of delight to your gardening experience, motivating you to spend more time cultivating your plants.


Overall, pairing your blueberries with companion plants is a practical, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing option, as we mentioned previously, blueberries, like humans, thrive in supportive social situations so these companion plants are essential to the growth and well-being of blueberries bushes, so take this into consideration the next time you want to plant these plants!